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Sweat Protect Ultimate
>>> With a new formula! <<<

Sweat Protect Ultimate is a newly developed antiperspirant cream. Yes, you are reading correctly! It is an antiperspirant cream and not a roll-on or a spray.

Besides being an antiperspirant, this innovative product also includes nourishing high-quality ingredients.


The new formula of Sweat Protect Ultimate allows to use this one cream on several areas. Sweat Protect Ultimate has high absorption properties in order to avoid a mess and to apply more than necessary.

Sweat Protect Ultimate is a long lasting and easy in the application product. The content of 75 ml/s is generous in regards to a good value for your money.

Sweat Protect Ultimate contains no dyes, fragrances or preservatives in order to be tolerated by all skin types.

If your sweating is not contained after using our antiperspirant cream, we would recommend you to try out the iontophoresis treatment, using our HIDREX or Idromed machines. 
Success with those medical products in beating excessive sweating is almost a guarantee, but the treatment is more time consuming than just applying a cream. Nevertheless it is really worth a try!