Order process
Order process:
1. Put all desired articles by simple click on the "trolley/cart  symbol" into the cart.

2. You now see a  site "Items in your cart" where all current articles in the cart are indicated.
2.1 You may select [Continue shopping] [Empty cart] or [Go to checkout] of
2.1.1 By selecting [Continue shopping] you can further look around the shop and put other articles into the cart or go directly to the cart (again back to point 2)
2.2.2 By selecting [Empty cart] you can empty all articles from the cart, if you wish to delete individual articles, you can empty them in the cart over the red X symbol at the site "Items in your cart".
2.2.3 By selecting [Go to checkout] you are passed onto a SSL-secured site "Billing address" (step 1). All further sides starting from here are SSL-secured, you may swith with a click on the button [Back] to the previous site.

3. (step 1)"Billing address" if you had already ordered in former days (or if you have had a attempt to order), and you have marked ´Save my info on this computer´, then you see now your former inputs. Correct these if thay are wrong, or enteryour order data again. With click into the option field to ´Shipping address differs´ arrive you at the side "Shipping address ". Here you can choose another address for the shipping than the calculation address. With click on [Continue] you come to point 4 of this list (step 2)

4. (step 2)"Payment method" - The following payment methods available to you based on the national input according to the "billing address" Choose the option you want and confirm your choice with  [Continue] to the point 5 of this list (step 3)

5. (step 3)"Verify and send order" now see your order in the overview -Please verify the order total and the specifics regarding the billing address and, if need be, the shipping address. You can make corrections to your entry anytime by clicking on [Back] If everything's as it should be, deliver your order to us by clicking [Order now]. The system will send you a copy of your order via email in the case the order is recognized by our system.