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Application area /for   severe sweating  light to moderate sweating

 For thin skin, for example Armpits

 Sweat Protect strong  Sweat Protect basic
 For thicker skin, for example hands  Sweat Protect ultimate  Sweat Protect strong
 For thickest skin, for example feet  Sweat Protect ultimate  Sweat Protect ultimate

Avoid unwanted sweat!

Do you suffer from excessive sweating that leads to embarrassing situations? Do you get sweat stains on you shirt and especially under the armpit areas during lectures? Do you get sweaty hands when excited (or even when calm)? Do sweaty hands cause you to avoid shaking hands with people? Do you get sweaty hands when wearing rubber or latex gloves? Excessive unwanted sweating is a nuisance.
Sweating is a natural process that regulates body temperature. In some people, abnormal excessive sweating occurs even when the body is not overheating. When reducing sweating in certain areas of the body (e.g., underarm perspiration), the body with its large surface area will not overheat!
Try our antiperspirant cream. The active ingredient, aluminum chloride, works as an astringent (via constriction) to "block" your sweat glands.  “Sweat Protect“ is a cosmetic product with skin care properties.
Choose the strenth you have to have to get dry with antiperspirants.
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