The use of “Sweat-Protect“ is simple and will not cause any mess. The creams' consistency lays between the consistency of a lotion and the one of a hand cream. This way it does not spill over and can applied better to defined areas. The cream is quickly absorbed and if too much is applied and the skin becomes saturated, the excess cream will not penetrate further and can be simply wiped off with a paper cloth.

Application of Sweat Protect

Tip: Apply the cream at night, right before going to bed.  Usually, one does not sweat right before going to bed or one sweats minimally, making cream application more effective and easier.  In most cases, it will take 1-3 days before you see results. Please note that the treating areas should be clean.

The cream is very efficient. For axillary sweating, it takes only a pea-sized amount of the product to see results. Through trial and error, you can find out how much cream is absorbed by your skin, when the area becomes saturated (so that it does not absorb any more cream) you can wipe off the rest with a paper towel.

After absorbation, the antiperspirant cream can do its work to block the sweat glands.

The high-quality waxes in Sweat Protect Ultimate are the base to improve the skin condition. Ideally, your skin should feel dry, healthy and relaxed.

Applications: Antiperspirants based on aluminum chloride normally work well for armpit sweating. For excessively sweaty hands and sweaty feet -iontophoresis therapy is a much more reliable method and has undeniable advantages. Nevertheless, antiperspirants have also been known to work on hands and feet and are mostly tried prior to considering iontophoresis.

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